World Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology 世界核科学与技术杂志

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World Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology 世界核科学与技术杂志

ISSN Print: 2161-6795

ISSN Online: 2161-6809

World Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology (WJNST) is a journal dedicated to providing a platform for publication of articles about nuclear science and technology and its applications.

All manuscripts must be prepared in English and are subject to a rigorous peer-review process. Generally, accepted papers will appear online within 3 weeks followed by printed hard copy. WJNST covers the following topics:


  • · Fuel Cycle and Isotopes
  • · Global Nuclear Security Technology
  • · Nonreactor Nuclear Facilities
  • · Nuclear and Chemical Waste Management
  • · Nuclear and Particle Physics
  • · Nuclear Cardiology
  • · Nuclear Energy
  • · Nuclear Engineering and Design
  • · Nuclear Fusion
  • · Nuclear Instruments and Methods
  • · Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
  • · Nuclear Materials
  • · Nuclear Medicine and Biology
  • · Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging
  • · Nuclear Physics
  • · Nuclear Science and Techniques
  • · Nuclear Structural Engineering
  • · Nuclear Track Detection
  • · Nuclear Tracks and Radiation Measurements
  • · Radiation Applications and Instrumentation
  • · Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry
  • · Reactor and Nuclear Systems
  • · Reactor Science and Technology

    We are also interested in:
    1) Short reports—2-5 page papers where an author can present either preliminary data or an idea with theoretical background but has not yet completed the research needed for a complete paper;
    2) Book reviews—Comments and critiques.

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